Intermediate Reader – Almost Here!

The first issue of our intermediate reader series Cosmos Incendens is almost ready! Let’s take a look at what is in store in this epic new Latin comic series:

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A young adult, on the threshold between childhood and adulthood, looks out towards the wide world with a sense of wonder. There is freedom out there, and adventure. This premise might sound familiar: it is the basis for many a hero’s journey. The hero of such a tale is eager to break the bonds set upon them by the world so that they might go forth and become the best version of themselves that they can be. But what exactly is this “best version”? Does the young adult truly know what is best for them, or what their final destination is or ought to be? Society might say “No.” As might the individual’s family and friends. Perhaps they are right: the hero of this tale might not know exactly where they are going, but wherever it is, and whoever they are meant to be is out there in the great unknown.

screenshot_Fri_Jul_08_09.50.07The desire for adventure grows, the opportunity strikes, and the hero is thrust into a new world, beyond the protected crib of childhood. They fly the nest and find a world more beautiful and more hostile than they ever could have imagined. But if they have the courage and will-power to persevere, they just might conquer this dangerous world and become who they were always meant to become: the true hero of their own tale, and perhaps even the hero of the world! This is the story at the heart of Cosmos Incendens.

It is the 2nd century CE, and Marcus Aurelius reigns. The Mediterranean has seen worse times. There’s still plenty of war, poverty, sickness, and turmoil, but things are just about as “stable” as they can get in the Roman Empire. At least, they seem to be.

screenshot_Fri_Jul_08_08.39.55For most, it is life as usual: hard work and toil, a constant struggle for survival. Rough, unsympathetic, but manageable. The Gods and Goddesses rule from their lofty thrones; divine spirits roam the wilderness and cities; restless souls haunt every necropolis; and humankind rides the currents of it all, a small part in the severe yet harmonious order of things. But something stirs—something ancient, something angry, something bent on disharmony, discord, chaos.

A new cult is forming around this ancient evil. They call themselves the Philerides—Lovers of Discord. Twisting and warping the words of Philosophers and Poets of old, the cults feign reason and piety, filling its ranks with eager devotees. The leader of this new religion is called the Magister Optimus Maximus, The Most High and Mighty Teacher, a supposed living embodiment of the goddess Discord. This Magister Optimus Maximus rules his disciples from the shadows, communing only with his highest generals, the Magistri, or Teachers. This growing cult spreads unseen through the Roman Empire, waiting for the right moment to raise its ugly head and put its terrifying plans into action: Unwinding the very fabric of Nature itself—a return to Chaos.screenshot_Fri_Jul_08_08.46.24

The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus know of this growing evil, know of its plans to disrupt the natural harmony of things. They also know there is a way to prevent it from achieving its goal. There is a prophecy that speaks of a hero who will rise to destroy this evil. Cosmic salvation depends on this one individual: a young mortal, and right now he is bickering with his father about doing his school-work.

screenshot_Fri_Jul_08_08.49.37Lucius is our hero, a legendarily stubborn sixteen-year-old boy who wants nothing to do with the patrician’s lifestyle his father desperately wants to instill in him. Lucius, like his younger sister Secunda, is no stranger to trouble. Unlike his sister, however, Lucius lacks the savvy and charm to get away with it. When Lucius’s father refuses to initiate him into adulthood on his sixteenth birthday, a day every Roman boy expects to be initiated, Lucius decides to take a break from his school-work and run away for a day. Little does he know, he is being eagerly sought by forces both good and evil. Who will reach Lucius first? Will he accept his destiny as laid out by the prophecy? Will he save the Cosmos, or will discord succeed in unraveling the natural order?

Cosmos Incendens is a coming of age story, an adventure, a sprawling epic, set in the fantastic world of Ancient Rome. Readers will meet a diverse cast of characters, mortal and divine, as they travel all across the Ancient World. The story is inspired by classics such as the works of Homer and Vergil, as well as modern classics such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Wheel of Time series. Yet it also draws heavily from many ancient religious and philosophical texts. screenshot_Fri_Jul_08_08.41.28It is an exploration of the individual’s agency within him- or herself, in the home, in society, and in the grand, cosmic scheme of things. What is “Destiny”? Can we change it, or are we like the dog pulled along by the cart? How do our actions reverberate and affect the people and the world around us?

Whether you enjoy action, romance, tragedy or comedy; political intrigue, mystery, magic or fantasy; history, philosophy, archeology or art, Cosmos Incendens has something for you.

Stay tuned for updates on the release date of Cosmos Incendens #1!

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Secunda #2 Preview and Release Date!

screenshot_Thu_Feb_18_12.51.00Secunda #2 Preview and Release Date:

We are happy to announce that issue #2 of Secunda is set to release next week: Friday, February 26th! To wet your appetite for your favorite Roman girl’s next adventure, check out the free preview of issue #2 available today. Head over to the Preview section of or click RIGHT HERE to check it out.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more exciting content and sneak peeks!


Belated end/beginning of the year update:

It has been a while since our last update, but we have been very hard at work getting more great content ready for release. 2015 was a year of establishing a foundation. We achieved a lot: Secunda #1 released to great reception, #2 is nearly out, and Secunda #3-5 are in their final phases of illustration. Also the script for the first 10 issue story-arc of Cosmos Incendens is undergoing final edits. 2015 was very productive and prepared us to confidently swan-dive into 2016.

That brings us to 2016: It’s is going to be a big year for Sequential Latin. We have plans for full-scale release of Secunda #2-5 by the summer, as well as the long-awaited initial release of Cosmos Incendens! We have also begun the first phase of writing Secunda #6-10 which should begin release before the year is over. So much to be excited about! Stay tuned here at the SLNews blog for regular updates.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, and get ready for a great year full of awesome Latin comics!

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At long last!

I am very pleased to announce that the first issue of the  Latin comic reader series Secunda will be available for purchase this Friday, October 16th! Links to our storefront will be found here on the blog as well as on the official Sequential Latin website then, so stay tuned.

screenshot_Sun_Oct_11_11.54.54We’ve been hard at work making sure our Latin comics are the very best in Latin readers and cannot wait to share the final product with you! Over the coming days leading up to release we will be posting plenty of preview materials, artwork, videos and other fun stuff so be sure to follow us here on the blog, as well as on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to this blog to receive updates via email, or you can download our blog’s FREE and lightweight App to receive push notifications right to your phone.

Coming… Tomorrow!

screenshot_Sun_Oct_11_11.56.19We will kick things off tomorrow by unveiling the new, up-to-date Free Previews section of the official Sequential Latin website, including a new preview page for those who have been following the story of Secunda #1. If you are interested in using Sequential Latin’s materials in the classroom, be sure to return tomorrow to see a FREE full-page preview of over twenty pages of the first issue!

New Website:

Finally, our website and blog have both been completely overhauled and streamlined! The new website is now much more concise and easy to navigate, includes plenty of full-color images, and provides a closer look at the features of our Latin comic readers.

What do you think of the new and improved website? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time!


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Hey everyone,

Due to blog and website maintenance, there will be no new pages being released for at least a few weeks. The official website for Sequential Latin is being completely overhauled in preparation for release, but when it is done there will be new pages to preview so stay tuned!


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New Site, New Direction, New Page

Hello everyone!

Lots to go over, so I’ll get right to it.

New Site, Same Address

I am happy to unveil the newly designed Sequential Latin website: It is sleeker, more direct, and reflects some recent changes to the overall direction of Sequential Latin. Read on to learn more about some of the changes we have undergone then head over to to check it out!

New Name

The series title of Secunda’s Day Off has been changed to simply Secunda. Each issue will have its own title, and the title for issue #1 will be Secunda’s Day Off.

New Direction, New Friends

Well, I’ll just come out and say it: Sequential Latin’s two comics are going to be published in print and digital, Latin and English! We have forged a friendship with the company Ionic Empire LLC who will serve as our publisher and are very excited to bring our comics to classrooms and homes all around the world! More details are forthcoming, but in the mean time, head over to and check ’em out, and don’t forget to like and follow them on facebook and twitter.

What does this mean for followers of Sequential Latin’s Secunda series? Well, currently we are working out how to release free and/or preview versions of our comics, but for now don’t worry! You will still get to finish the current story arc of issue #1, with pages released every Thursday, as usual. The only real difference for now is that these pages are viewed right from the homepage of in the “Free Previews” section HERE, without the commentary.

The games and course are still planned for the future, but right now our focus is on getting the comics perfect and released in a timely manner. Stay tuned for more information on these projects as we move forward.

As you might imagine, this new direction means there will be a lot of changes and developments in the coming months, so do stay tuned. And remember that we are still dedicated to bringing awesome and quality Latin and Classics material to you!

New Page

Well, as promised, the new site launch includes page 10, so be sure to head over HERE to check it out!



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