Page 19 Released! & Lately @ Sequential Latin

Secunda issue #1 preview page 19 is now available to view in the “Previews” section at Be sure to head over and check it out!


Now for a little update on what has been going on here at the Sequential Latin studios:


The past few months have been full of changes that, I think, have culminated in a more productive, focused, and quality Sequential Latin. But before I get to the last three months, going even further back there was the overwhelming and enthusiastic support of you, the fans/supporters/interested parties. About one year ago I set out to create a Latin Language learning tool, and after months of changes and mutations, focus narrowed on the comics form, and Cosmos Incendens and Secunda were born. While work on the comic began, still other features of the yet-unnamed-latin-language-learning-project were being brainstormed, pursued, and tested. In fact, up until the last three months or so, the Sequential Latin project has been reaching around, testing the waters, and exploring what features would be most beneficial to the Latin language learner, but the comics have remained a constant.

Fast forward to about three months ago, when Sequential Latin received an email from Wesley Wood, the mastermind over at Ionic Empire LLC. After many emails, and a wonderful lunch in Boulder, Colorado, a new friendship and partnership was born, and Sequential Latin gleefully joined the Ionic Empire. With the Ionic Empire serving as publisher, Sequential Latin was poised to reach the audience and classrooms it was made for, and with the help of Imperator Wood, Sequential Latin was able to narrow its focus and really get down to business.

Those who have been following Sequential Latin since it was announced in November 2014 can attest to the many changes it has undergone, and might wonder: Where is the Latin course that was meant to accompany the comics? Yes, originally, there was to be a course to accompany the comics, and it ranged anywhere from a textbook to an actual video game. Looking over the new Sequential Latin website, however, you will see no mention of such a course. A “course” is still planned in the form of a textbook, and we are even exploring a video game element for the distant future. But all of that is some time off, for right now Sequential Latin is focusing all of its resources on creating the two comics series Cosmos Incendens and Secunda, preparing them for publication, and diligently working on getting production speed to a point where we are not releasing a page a week, but, rather, an issue every month!


Which brings me to my claims at the top of this post: that Seqeuntial Latin is more productive, focused, and creating content of better quality than it ever has been. Clearly, we are more focused than ever, diligently creating comics. What about the claim that we are more productive? Well, this month much of the comic creation process has moved from being done analogue to being done digitally. While the coloring of Secunda is still done with actual paint on actual paper, just about every other step of the process has been digitized. The resulting increase in productivity has been even better than I could have imagined: the creation of a single comic page has increased by 100% at least!

To give some perspective, before the move to digital, to draw and ink a page took about 4 hours (2 hours to draw, 2 hours to ink) now, to draw and ink a page takes less than 2 hours (1 hour to draw, and usually around 45 minutes to ink). On top of that, the entire step of scanning and editing the inked page has been removed, which added at least another hour to the process!

Between this huge productivity boost, and the dedication of nearly all our time to the comics, an issue a month (alternating between the two series) is a real possibility, and remains our goal. We are still working out or release schedule, however, so no promises!

As for the quality of our products, several factors contribute to this. First, and foremost, there’s the addition of Wesley Wood to the Sequential Latin team as Editor in Chief. His wise and keen eyes, and thorough understanding of Classical Latin, help ensure that the Latin of Cosmos Incendens and Secunda is of the highest quality and level of authenticity possible, and is in line with the exacting standards that the Classics community maintains.

Another factor in the quality increase is the move to digital production. Not only is the correction of mistakes easier (clicking “undo” vs. erasing or globs of white-out), but the ability to manipulate and tweak the art has allowed me to try out for example, different angles, as well as make major adjustments on the fly with general ease. Furthermore, hardware acceleration has made my line steadier. In general, these tools and features have allowed me to be more spontaneous as well, letting me experiment with new techniques and ideas that, under a time crunch, posed much higher risk when done analogue. (You will be able to see all of this in action on our forthcoming Youtube channel . . . )


The future is bright! Currently, we are staying several steps ahead of ourselves, with issues being completely written and scripted about six month in advance of their illustration. As mentioned above, our release schedule is still being negotiated, and we cannot yet say when the first issues will go live. Until that time, you can expect new preview pages to be released regularly, and can see several snapshots a week from the comics on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Also, I have been recording all of my work since beginning digital production and we plan on getting a Youtube channel going with time-lapse videos and commentaries, and even instructional videos, so stay tuned for that!

Well I think that’s about enough for one post. As always, come visit us at, and don’t for get to like and share us! If you get a chance, join the Sequential Latin community! You can register HERE!

Thanks again to everyone for all of their support and enthusiasm. Sequential Latin wouldn’t be where it is without you!



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New Site, New Direction, New Page

Hello everyone!

Lots to go over, so I’ll get right to it.

New Site, Same Address

I am happy to unveil the newly designed Sequential Latin website: It is sleeker, more direct, and reflects some recent changes to the overall direction of Sequential Latin. Read on to learn more about some of the changes we have undergone then head over to to check it out!

New Name

The series title of Secunda’s Day Off has been changed to simply Secunda. Each issue will have its own title, and the title for issue #1 will be Secunda’s Day Off.

New Direction, New Friends

Well, I’ll just come out and say it: Sequential Latin’s two comics are going to be published in print and digital, Latin and English! We have forged a friendship with the company Ionic Empire LLC who will serve as our publisher and are very excited to bring our comics to classrooms and homes all around the world! More details are forthcoming, but in the mean time, head over to and check ’em out, and don’t forget to like and follow them on facebook and twitter.

What does this mean for followers of Sequential Latin’s Secunda series? Well, currently we are working out how to release free and/or preview versions of our comics, but for now don’t worry! You will still get to finish the current story arc of issue #1, with pages released every Thursday, as usual. The only real difference for now is that these pages are viewed right from the homepage of in the “Free Previews” section HERE, without the commentary.

The games and course are still planned for the future, but right now our focus is on getting the comics perfect and released in a timely manner. Stay tuned for more information on these projects as we move forward.

As you might imagine, this new direction means there will be a lot of changes and developments in the coming months, so do stay tuned. And remember that we are still dedicated to bringing awesome and quality Latin and Classics material to you!

New Page

Well, as promised, the new site launch includes page 10, so be sure to head over HERE to check it out!



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