New Page in COLOR! And Coloring Cosmos Incendens!

A new preview page is up at and today it is a fully colored version! Head over to the “Previews” section of the Sequential Latin homepage to see what happens next in Secunda’s quest for the coveted doll.

Lately at SL Studios: Coloring Cosmos Incendens

As we approach release of Secunda #1, applying final edits and making little adjustments, the first issue of Cosmos Incendens has entered its final phase of illustration: adding color. Floating around the Sequential Latin website and social media sites, you can find little peeks at colored versions of Cosmos Incendens artwork. If you’ve seen these pics, such as the one found HERE, you might notice that the coloring style is drastically different from that of the Secunda series. There are several reasons for this, the first being that a different colorist is responsible for each series, the second being the different artistic style overall, and the third being the more mature and serious tone of the Cosmos Incendens series.

Anyhow, the coloring of Cosmos Incendens #1 is fully underway, and I thought I might share a bit of the coloring process with you, via images, from the plain inked page all the way to the complete colored page.

[gmedia id=36]


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