NEW STUFF! & Exploring Secunda, Part I: The Characters

New Stuff!

As promised, today we have made available over 20 full pages of Secunda for your viewing pleasure over in the Free Previews section of For those who have been following the preview material, there’s a new page up, so head on over to check it out and see what comes next for our heroine Secunda!

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What Else?

In the days leading up to the release of Secunda #1 on Friday, on top of plenty of artwork, videos and other materials, we will also be taking a closer look at the Secunda comics with the four part series Exploring Secunda.

Starting today, we will take a closer look at some of the characters of Secunda in Part I: The Characters. Tomorrow, in Part II: The Story, we will explore the narrative structure of the series, as well as the various stories you can look forward to in the first five issues of Secunda. On Wednesday, in Part III: A Latin Reader with a Modern Twist, we will illuminate the many features of the Secunda comics that make them unique and powerful language learning tools. Then, finally, on Thursday, in Part IV: Behind the Scenes, we will take a peek behind the curtain at the creation process of the Secunda comics!

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Exploring Secunda, Part I: The Charactersscreenshot_Mon_Oct_12_20.49.17

The main character of the Secunda comics is a sharp, rambunctious 2nd century CE Roman girl named Secunda. Born to a Patrician, the youngest of three siblings, she lives an exceptionally care-free life, more often than not fleeing the watchful eyes of her nanny Āfra to go get into various sorts of trouble.

screenshot_Mon_Oct_12_20.47.09Her parents pay good money to get her an education, but she doesn’t see the use in that boring old Litterator (teacher). She is especially NOT fond of the daily pēnsum (homework) he assigns, but Āfra always manages to make her do it, no matter where she hides. It’s for the best that she gets it done anyways, the Litterator always has a fit when she doesn’t, and then her parents find out and Dad goes on and on about how lucky she is to get an education and how letters are a mark of virtue and blah, blah, blah… That oft heard rant is by far worse than just doing her pēnsum.

screenshot_Mon_Oct_12_20.48.08She may not always be able to get out of doing her homework, but Secunda is a no-nonsense girl who prefers to get her way and will employ all manner of clever trickery and charms to get it. There was even one time where she managed to not eat her dinner by slipping it to the dog! Her parents were none the wiser—and she would have gotten away with it too!—if only the dog hadn’t blown her cover by vomiting up goose liver on dad’s prize Persian rug.

screenshot_Mon_Oct_12_21.07.34Besides being wily, Secunda also has a big heart, and cares deeply for her friends and family. Whether it is comforting her troubled brother Lūcius or caring for a wounded pigeon, Secunda’s heart is filled with kindness despite her being at times careless about others’ feelings. Sometimes she is just too caught up in her imagination to see that she might be hurting someone’s feelings.
Which brings us to Secunda’s most notable characteristic: her imagination. At any moment, it is highly likely that she is off in her own world. Taking a bath? No, if only you knew the manner of sea creatures she was slaying! On her way to class? What manner of class lies at the canter of a deep, dark Labyrinth!? To be sure, Secunda has spent much more time exploring the Mediterranean, meeting ancient heroes and heroines, telling old philosophers what’s what, and defeating vile beasts than doing chores, practicing letters or listening to adults jabber on.screenshot_Mon_Oct_12_20.47.34

screenshot_Thu_Aug_27_09.29.21On such adventures, Secunda finds the courage to face anything by channeling her alter-ego Secunda Altera: Greatest of all heroes and heroines! Bravest of all warriors! Most beloved and adored celebrity of the Mediterranean! No matter what the adventure, no matter how monstrous the foe, no matter how tall the mountain, Secunda Altera is up to the challenge. Secunda uses this alter ego to make her world come to life, turning dull old histories into heroic tales that end the way she sees fit. However, Secunda Altera is more than just a fun diversion for Secunda, she is also an inspiration for her to overcome the real life struggles she faces.

screenshot_Mon_Oct_12_20.55.19Who else will we meet in the Secunda comics? Well, there’s Secunda’s nanny, Āfra, the poor soul charged with keeping track of Secunda. Āfra is a family slave who genuinely loves Secunda and tries her best to keep her out of trouble. Spending more time with Secunda than anybody else (or more time chasing after Secunda?), Āfra  can sense when Secunda is planning some tom-foolery, or maybe she has just learned to expect it? Her job is unenviable, to be sure, but someone’s got to do it…

screenshot_Mon_Oct_12_20.45.01As you will see tomorrow, when we look at the story of the Secunda comics, every issue of Secunda will bring new and diverse characters, from mythical heroes to historical figures. Secunda will visit all sorts of people and places: some are real, some are fictitious, and some are a bit of both, but they are all firmly rooted in Classical lore (and in special cases the lore of other cultures of the ancient world!). In the first five issues alone we will meet Theseus and Ariadne, ancient African anthropomorphic gods, a powerful volcano nymph, the legendary Roman heroine Cloelia, and so much more!

What’s to Come?

Well that’s it for Part I of Exploring Secunda! I hope you enjoyed getting to know our heroine and taking a look at some of the other characters you can look forward to meeting in the Secunda comics. Tomorrow, in Part II, we will take a sneak peek at the stories of the first five issues of Secunda. Also you can expect more art and the next full page of Secunda #1 in the Free Preview section! Stay tuned!

Until Tomorrow!

P.S. – Hey guys, sorry today’s post is coming so late in the day! Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise tomorrow morning for those of us who have already turned in. Tomorrow’s post will not come so late, I promise!

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