Page 20 Released & What’s to Come from SL

Preview page 20 of Secunda issue #1 is now available in the “Preview” section over at; Head on over to check it out!

Next Thursday

With the release of preview page 20 ends the current run of preview releases for Secunda issue #1. This means there will be no page 21 released next Thursday. Instead, we will be releasing a neat little surprise, as well as announcing the next run of preview pages for your viewing pleasure! So stay tuned for that!

What’s to Come


Last week I gave you a little glimpse into how Sequential Latin has been growing over the last few months. This week, I’d like to delve a little bit into what sort of content you can expect from Sequential Latin moving forward.

Throughout the month of April, and into the beginning of May, Sequential Latin was hard at work fleshing out scripts for both Secunda and Cosmos Incendens. The first several issues of both comics series are fully written and in the process of being edited. What should you expect from these first issues? Where do I start!?

How about the Secunda series? In short, expect action, adventure, and the world of classical myth & history that you love!screenshot_Thu_Jun_04_10.17.54 The first issue continues from where we leave it today with the birth of Secunda’s imaginary alter ego, setting the stage for the exciting meld of the real world, the imaginary world, and the dream world that is the Secunda series! The issues that follow will include a Roman dinner at the children’s table, explorations of the classic Theseus and the Minotaur myth, a journey into ancient Africa following the wanderings of Afra’s ancestors (Afra is Secunda’s unenviable nanny), and the heroic adventures of Secunda’s alter ego, including her quest to solve the mystery of an island being plagued by a monstrous Lava Nymph! So much fun! We cannot wait to share it all with you!


Now what about Cosmos Incendens? If I had to pick three words to describe the first bunch of Cosmos Incendens issues they would be: action, drama and mystery. screenshot_Thu_Jun_04_10.31.05Expect to meet Gods, do battle in Britannia, explore a luxurious Roman bath-house, brave dark, mysterious forests, and experience a nightmarish trial in a preternatural court! You will meet Lucius, our stubborn protagonist, as well as a slew of other characters from all over the Empire. Nature, the gods, and humankind all have their plans, but the Cosmos propels them all towards a future of its own making; In Cosmos Incendens, the name of the game is Destiny… or is it? This story is truly epic in scope and we cannot wait to begin telling it to you!

Right this Moment @ Sequential Latin

Right now I’m writing a blog post 😛 but immediately after it is to the office to continue penciling Cosmos Incendens issue #2. I just got finished with a big battle scene, check out some of the sketches:

[gmedia id=29]

See you next week!


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